The underestimated power of xml in Aviation

For years now, aircraft manufacturers understood that using xml to write manuals is the obvious option, but when it comes to operators and pilots, that’s a different story 🙄

While some airlines find it smart to build their future strategy around pdf readers, giving up on xml custo, viewers and other tools provided to them, their end users are expecting nothing else than a pdf, portrait mode with page numbers and the ability to swipe left and write.

If there’s very often many ways to skin a cat, not in that case. xml does way better on all topics, but it takes a bit of efforts and open minds to dive into it.

At, we developed few scripts to work on xml manuals, using the Airbus Document Type Definition (DTD) mainly:

• Script producing an xml OM-C from mixed source(Airport/runways database and a web app for authored content)
• Patching a MEL in various way, like when it’s a new aircraft is joining the fleet
• Re-applying company customizations to the FCOM or FCTM when Airbus publishes an update
• Extracting MEL & CDL items to a database in order to make them available for example to feed a maintenance software

We just published an extension to our Telegram Bot, using the MEL & CDL xml data, making important information available for search instantly. This is just one use case, but so much more could be done!

Aviation has to evolve faster than it does now, to reduce mistakes, delays, costs, and we’re working on it.