flight briefing

We have designed a simple platform providing flight briefing for Cockpit and Cabin which gathers all information required in one place, presenting data in an ergonomic and compact display.

  • Weather (Sigmet, METAR, TAF, D-ATIS) is updated from different sources (Global, Vietnam, Continental China) every minute, and changes are notified to the crew via Direct Messaging and notifications
  • NOTAMs are also continuously fetched from the SWIM and cross checked with local sources. They then land in a management interface where dispatch hide or make them highlighted. The crew is updated also via DM and notifications
  • The automatic flight risk assessment runs permanently checking various variables to adjust the score for each flight. The crew gets a list of critical items, and dispatch gets notified when the score is scheduled to be high, in order for them to possibly find a way to mitigate the risks
  • Updates on the Operational Flight Plan are notified to the crew for every change; Some additional parameters are evaluated and displayed (Payload, underload, ZFW…) to enhance situation awareness and help decision making
  • Flight time limitation is computed based on latest data, with time zones, and using information present in the Operational Manuals.
  • The briefing tool extracts MEL and displays relevant content for a tail from the maintenance documents, making it easier to focus on a particular aircraft
  • The system uses html templates: Customizing and re-organizing content is very time effective, and accessible at customer level
  • Interfacing with existing flight planning can be done seamlessly based on pdf or xml 633 formats

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