Cyber Security Audit for Flysmart Gateway

Cyber Security when in relation with Aviation has a direct and severe impact on Aviation Security. Since the beginning of Flysmart, we identified, reported and fixed at some occasions some vulnerabilities affecting the server platform.

At this stage, we observed that numerous airlines (including majors) are currently operating with multiple serious potential breaches; IT departments often under evaluate the risks inherent to data sent to pilots, permitting performance computation and decision making. Pilots and OPS engineers often understand the importance of such data, but have a limited insight on technics which could be used to hack the system.

Our Cyber Security service for Flysmart targets those airlines, proposing to audit their platform and based on our report, presenting some solutions/recommendations to enhance IT security, Aviation security, thus passenger safety.

* The analysis does not require particular access to your server. If the integrity of your installation is verified, we won’t charge you for the report.