Flightsmart support

Airbus FlySmart support for: 

Deployment – implementation – outsourcing.

With FEEL.AERO, change the way you interact with the aircraft and set your airline to the latest standards !

FEEL.AERO provides operators with services around full deployment and outsourcing of Airbus EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) solutions, including performance tools and documentation management software.

With FlySmart products, Airbus is providing innovative tools, at times when companies are switching to paperless cockpits/digital solutions.


with airbus for iPad

FlySmart with Airbus for iPad suite is composed of several different applications :

  • Takeoff and landing performance (based on actual or selected conditions, it provides the necessary take off and landing performance data that the flight crew needs on board).
  • Loadsheet (the aim of this weight and balance module is to calculate the position of the center of gravity of the aircraft and relevant masses at takeoff. This module produces number of parameters that may be used by the aircraft avionics after pilot validation).
  • Operational Library (this application enables to display the operational documentation. The operational documentation contains Airbus issued manuals and/or operator manuals (FCOM / MEL / CDL.).
  • Browser Airbus Manager (the Manager application is used for updating the operational data on the iPad, which is used by the FlySmart applications (performance data and operational manuals).

The advantages of FlySmart EFB are huge and numerous :

  • Enables transition to full digital operations: remove your paper processes and streamline your processes.
  • Easy and accurate data consultation: intuitive screen sharing and easy access to the right information.
  • Reduce your operating costs: optimized FLEX computation, same application whatever the aircraft is.
  • Reduced risk of errors and workload: enhanced decision making process for the crew, real-time computation of new parameters due to unscheduled events.
  • A proven and approved solution: 170 customers, 2500 aircraft, 25000 pilots.

the advantages

how we help you

FlySmart with Airbus = the right path to additional payload and increased revenues

How FEEL.AERO is going to help you implement and outsource successfully FlySmart Products

The implementation of FlySmart happens in several stages that are important to control. FEEL.AERO brings you services and supports for the implementation and the outsourcing of Airbus solution.

Initial Setup

  • Piece of advice in choosing the tailoring airport data service provider.
  • Support in the process of submitting the ops approval package (providing templates to update operating manuals with EFB materials (Use of electronic manuals is accepted by most Civil Aviation Authorities as part of the paperless cockpit).
  • Support in choosing the most efficient and appropriate hardware and hosting solution (a permanent online dedicated server with a static internet ip address is required for FlySmart Gateway).