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Flysmart support

With FEEL.AERO, change the way you interact with the aircraft and set your airline to the latest standards !

FEEL.AERO provides operators with services around full deployment and outsourcing of Airbus EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) solutions, including performance tools and documentation management software.

With FlySmart products, Airbus is providing innovative tools, at times when companies are switching to paperless cockpits/digital solutions.

We provide IT Cyber Security Consulting for Flysmart Gateway by identifying threats with potential impact on passengers safety

Passenger safety is in direct relation with the IT security of your operation, so don’t wait to audit and potentially fix existing vulnerabilities

Cyber Security for Flysmart Gateway

loads generation

We’ve been working for a long time on generating loads for LPC-NG and iPads, and it’s now working smoothly for manuals.

For our customers using the Flysmart support service, it’s already running. The difference will appear in releases being published very quickly after the xml format is made available in AirnavX.

Setting up the eOPS part of A350 can be quite challenging.

We have a great expertise, choosing the various options, but also preparing all ground servers and onboard EFBs. As a tip, do the hosting for servers in-house and avoid VMs. Ask us about it, it will make you save some time and shrink the budget consequently.

A350 consulting

ACARS Consulting

Our experience in ACARS can make you save on your monthly bill, and avoid unnecessary redundancies.

We can also help you implement your in-house server and services such as flight plan, performance uplink and Type X for A350.

Contact us with to understand what we could do together.