Loads generation

We’ve been working for a long time on generating loads for LPC-NG and iPads, and it’s now working smoothly for manuals.

For our customers using the Flysmart support service, it’s already running. The difference will appear in releases being published very quickly after the xml format is made available in AirnavX.

Our linux platform will first download automatically the source, unzip, untar content, and prepare the OLB format. This automatic download is an exclusivity.

From that point, we generate a part number, and a build/zip the final load, making it to get uploaded in Flysmart Gateway.

All this process is automated; You don’t even have to open a remote session on the Windows server. You can just drag and drop the load in the FSA-Gateway from your favorite web browser.

We’re working hard at FEEL.aero to enable an equivalent feature for performance database updates.

These recurrent tasks are not very interesting… We’re pretty sure that you will appreciate using your EFB manager for something more constructive.
This will also be the opportunity to minimize publication delays and suppress potential mistakes.

We make this service now available for external customers. Contact us get more details about it!