Crew Resources

Crew resources management can become quite challenging, with all Aviation switching to EFBs: You have to maintain users and devices in multiple systems. We designed a workflow associated with a common web interface, interacting with all your underlying software. You can create, modify or delete crews and devices from the same single web page. At this time we wrote some APIs for few systems, but we’ll support more vendors in a near future:
  • Flysmart Gateway, including account creation which is an exclusivity
  • Aviobook
  • Weather ob Board
  • Airwatch
  • Pelesys
Using Crew Resources guaranties that you will have all system up to date (Fleet movement, position upgrade, people leaving the company) in a secure way and seamless way. You will reduce the workload of your EFB manager, and reduce potential mistakes. Contact us to discover how we can implement our Crew Resources management interface in your company.