About us

FEEL.aero is an IT company providing services for Aviation

who we are

FEEL.aero is an IT company providing services for Aviation (support to EFB implementation and digital operations services, development and implementation of scripts and software).

We offer our expertise with Airbus operation software products such as FlySmart+, FODM, but also A350 ground server and onboard EFB full setup.
We developed many scripts and software to handle day to day tasks, reducing errors, delays and workload. We have software to manage most entities in your eOPS environment.


Our Team

Laurent - feel.aero



Marc - feel.aero



Philippe - feel.aero


Project & Support

Our vision

We aim to provide modern IT solutions to the aviation, which simply evolve with technology without being won by obsolescence.

We welcome advice from basic users to understand their needs. Their opinions form the basis upon which we develop our concepts.
We offer unique, innovative and fresh concepts which are both user friendly and satisfy the needs of our clients. We use proven tools and techniques to provide reliable solutions. We believe that these solutions must be offered at competitive prices. This combination is the key to our success.


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