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Direct Messaging bot

We’d like to introduce you with a project that we developed lately, which could improve operations in your company.

The “BlinkAero DM” project is about taking direct messaging up to speed in the professional environment, making information easily, securely and instantly accessible.

We have designed a simple platform providing flight briefing for Cockpit and Cabin which gathers all information required in one place, presenting data in an ergonomic and compact display.

flight briefing

Crew Resources

Crew resources management can become quite challenging, with all Aviation switching to EFBs: You have to maintain users and devices in multiple systems.

We designed a workflow associated with a common web interface, interacting with all your underlying software. You can create, modify or delete crews and devices from the same single web page.

We designed a Crew Notices Management interface dedicated to airlines and business aviation.

crew notices

notams manager

Improving NOTAMs readiness can be quite challenging for an airlines; That’s why we designed a NOTAMs manager for Dispatch.

With this web interface, you will be able to identify new messages, and prepare for your crew: From there you can hide or highlights NOTAMs.